Initial steps before launch
Add Affiliates/Publishers
Main Admin or Managers who are granted permissions can create the affiliate account. Affiliates can also apply on your platform from the Affiliate Signup Link.
In Offer18, Go to Affiliate >> Affiliate >> Click on +Add Affiliate button. Here.
Fill the basic details of the Affiliate
Click on submit button to Create

Fill all details of affiliate for whom account is being created

First Name
First Name of the affiliate.
Last Name
Last name of the affiliate.
This can either be the name of the Affiliate's company or an individual’s name.
This email address is the email that they will use to log in to your platform
and access the partner features.
Notifications and alerts get sent to this email address.
When this partner profile is created, the password is sent to them via email.
The user can change this password later on if they wish.
Passwords must be alphanumeric with no special characters.
Affiliate Manager
Assign an account manager to this Affiliate if Account Managers are set up in your application.
Set the status of the partner account to “Active” if you are ready for them to log in and start running offers. Set the status to “Pending” if you want to approve them at a later time.
Click on Submit Button (New affiliate account will be created)
Important: Reason if you are not able to create affiliate account will be the email address associated to another Affiliate user on the network (including deleted or blocked users).
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