Initial steps before launch
How does Automation Work?
Offer automation is specially designed to automate campaign performance and increase the ROI of every campaign under the rule created for automation.
With the help of various metrics such as CR, CTR, CPC, RPC, Clicks, Conversion etc. the automation rule derives the best of its performance, quickly alert and generate a report of rule break in the fastest defined time. Campaign automation in Offer18 can help increase your business ROI at gross as well as on individual campaigns too. Campaign Automation in Offer18 is an additional feature, users must have to get it enabled in their account by requesting their Offer18 Account Managers

Automation Rules and Configurations -

To setup Campaign Automation rule, navigate to Tools >> Automation, here you can add / manage your automation rule.
Automation rule only account between data window specified while creating the rule. rest of it will be ignored by automation.

Creating New Automation Rule -

Automation rules can be applied at both the Offer level (by offer-partner pair) and Affiliate/Sub Affiliate level (by offer-partner-source grouping). This is so you can avoid blocking a partner’s access to an offer when only one of their traffic sources performs poorly.
To create new automation rule , Click on Create Automation. Fill:
  • Define Name, Block level, and Status of automation rule.
  • Apply automation rule to : Advertiser / Offer. (Option)
  • Schedule your automation rule to trigger. and specify data window. (filter / Schedule)
  • Define data to Compare while automation rule is in action. (Compare if)
  • When the Blocks should be removed, Enable disable alert (Config)

Example Config -

Let's say user have a campaign named "Business Task". user wants to maintain his CR% between 1% - 5% every hour. if not, maintained offer should be stopped for 5 hours. clicks and conversion threshold will be 100000 and 1500, respectively.
Details Example
Rule Name
Business Task
Block Level
Offer Level
Options - Adv / Offer
Only Offer Will be selected here
For Clicks - 100000
For Conversions - 1500
  • Report Status - (leave blank)
  • Data Look back - 1 Hour
  • Schedule - 1 Hour
Define Start/End period as per choice.
  • Field to Compare is CR
  • Compare Type - Not Between Min & Max Value
  • Min Val : 1 TO Max Val : 5.
If rule breaks campaign should be stopped for next 5 hours.
Notification : Enabled
After we click Save, the rule becomes active and Campaign Automation checks on partner conversion rates periodically for the “Business Task” offer. Automation now "Stops" offer if conversion rate is not between specified ratio. If necessary, we can reset the rule later.

Checking Out Automation Logs -

Actions taken based on your automation rules are listed in Automation > Automation Log. There you can see each action listed with the affected partners and offers, as well as with the automation rule that triggered the action:
Block Level
Offer / Affiliate/ Sub source
Current Value
Block Time
Type of block selected while creation of automation rule -
  • Offer Level - Rule block worked on complete Offer
  • Affiliate Level - Rule block worked on specific affiliate whoever is breaking the rule
  • Sub Affiliate Level - Rule block worked on those sub sources whoever breaks it.
Alarm stats that if the rule logs checked are meeting the comparison or some are breaking the rule. Healthy
- Rule block is working fine. Considering above e.g. the CR is between 1% to 5%
- Rule has been broken, as per above e.g. the CR is not between range 1% to 5%
Based on the "block level", Whichever "Offer / Affiliate / Sub Source" has been blocked temporarily will display here.
This column shows "Current value" reached from compared data, at the time rule checked.
E.g. if CR goes 6.87% but the rule value was set to maintain ratio between 1% to 5%. So current value will be 6.87%
Time - This column specifies time when rule was scheduled to check/actual time when rule checked.
E.g. Rule was created at 10:30 AM (UTC 0.0) and it was scheduled to check data every 1 hour. So scheduled checking time will be 11:30 AM (UTC 0.0) which will be actual time displaying into the field.
Block Time - This column specifies time when rule activated the blocks (on those levels which are specified)
E.g. Rule was scheduled checking time will be 11:30 AM (UTC 0.0) and after checking everything it applied the blocks within 2 minutes so "Block Time" will be 11:32 AM (UTC 0.0)
Status Defines action based on Block Time Condition.
OK - No block has been applied on rule. Clear Block - The value which is breaking the rule has been blocked. Now, user can decide if he wants to clear block or not.

Whitelisting in rule -

To exclude offers, affiliate ,sub-affiliates from automation, go to Tools > Automation. Then click Manage to Edit Rule and select what you want to exclude in "Whitelist Section". Automation rules exclude offers, affiliate ,sub-affiliates.
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