Initial steps before launch
Deep Postback Test - Affiliate
Deep postback Test is for testing with affiliate at advanced level. in this test, conversion processing activity between admin user of Offer18 platform and his affiliates works like actual conversion processing by system.
in Offer18 , Navigate to Affiliate >> Postback Test >> Click on Deep Postback Test
Step-1 : Selecting offer for which user wants to perform test.
Step-2 : Admin user has to place the test link given by affiliate. Click on Test1 - [ new tab will open with campaign redirection in it ] Close Window After all Redirects Completed.\
Step-3 : Click on Test2 [ system will trigger the postback to process converison tested]
That's it , wait for results to appear on right side of window (Deep Postback Test Page)
Understanding the results of DEEP POSTBACK TEST

Results -

Top part of the results will shows TID value generated for test conversion. and rest of the data which is passed by affiliate in Affiliate Tracking URL.

Affiliate postback URL (Preview) -

This part shows the preview of final postback URL which is going to be triggered for affiliate in this test performed.

Affiliate Postback Response (Fired) -

This part display the the actual postback triggered for affiliate and the HTTP response given by affiliate's system. Admin user is recommended to check with affiliate regarding this part of result page. They can also share screenshot of the test performed to their affiliates.
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