Initial steps before launch
How to set custom schedule sync in offer sync API?
General Purpose of Using API feature is to import/sync offers quickly from advertisers platform, respectively.To access this feature, Go to;

Tools > Offers Sync.

Step-1: Select Network / Partner Platform (Here, click on setup button of partner platform or partner network )
Options: Options row includes various configurations settings that user wants to make in imported offers, such as affiliate payout%, API schedule, Automatically remove/add tokens in Offer URLs, assigning offers to advertisers and so on. using these options will help to do complex things with ease.
User can manually set time of API sync. For E.g He wants to sync API at 5.00(UTC), after then 18.15(UTC), so, here he can configure settings like 5.00,18.10 OR 18.20.
Once Configuration is done by users as guided above
Click on Submit. to save API details
then, Click on Debug Run. To start Synchronizing.
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