Initial steps before launch
Platform Global Postback
Postback / Callback URL to be used as mode of receiving/pulling conversions recording on advertiser platform to Offer18.
When user opt gets a global postback url from platform , Offer18 automatically generates a standard postback URL. Along with it users always have the option to create advertiser specific postback / Offer specific postback / Event Specific Postback.
To Generate Global postback URL -
  • Click on Shortcuts on topbar.
  • Click on Postback.
Copy your postback URL displayed and share with your advertiser. Although this is considered a global postback URL in Offer18 , you still need to coordinate with your advertiser to ensure that all URL parameters and macros match up between both systems.

You can always toggle between Postback Type to get image/iframe pixel.

Last modified 2mo ago
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