Facebook Ads Integration

Sign in to Facebook ads account

Create Campaign

1. Click on the "+ Create" button to create a new Campaign

2. Choose the Campaign objective

3. Define Campaign Name and Campaign Budget

Ad Set

  • Define Campaign Schedule

  • Select Placements and Targeting


  • Choose Ad format from Ad Setup

  • Add Creatives and the description of the advertisement

  • Add Affiliate Tracking link in "Website URL"

  • Click on the Publish button

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Postback Setup

Get Facbook Postback

1. Go to Events Manager » Data Sources

2. Add Events » Select "From a New Website"

3. Click on "Install code manually"

4. Collect the pixel code segment using the "Copy code" button.

Add Postback in Offer18

  • log in to the Offer18 Affiliate Dashboard

  • Offers » My Offers(Approved)

  • Click on the Offer name to enter its configuration.

  • Scroll Down to Postback Section.

  • Select an event from the Event drop-down.

  • Select "HTML Tag/iframe" from Type Drop-down.

  • Place the pixel code segment inside the Postback field.

  • Click on Add button

Postback Results

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