Cookieless integration with WooCommerce

Step 1 : Create Offer

For Cookieless tracking, it is mandatory to include click ID parameter and token in the Offer URL and also for all the landing pages while creating an offer in Offer18 dashboard.


Step 2 : Install plugins

  1. "Header and Footer Scripts" by Digital Liberation

  2. "WooCommerce Conversion Tracking" by weDevs

Steps to follow

  1. Login to the WordPress Admin dashboard.

  2. Go to "Plugins" and search "WooCommerce Conversion Tracking" & "Header and Footer Scripts".

  1. Install and activate "WooCommerce Conversion Tracking" & "Header and Footer Scripts".

Step 3 : Code Placement

  1. Go to Settings » Header and Footer Scripts

  2. Place the below code in "Scripts in header" field

  3. Save settings

<script src=""></script>

Users must replace '<YOUR-CLICK-ID-PARAMETER>' with the clickid parameter used when creating the offer.

Step 4 : Place below script in Conversion Tracking

  1. Go to Conversion Tracking (sub-menu to the WooCommerce tab).

  2. Enable "Custom" and Place below code in "Successful Order."

  3. Save Changes

        domain: '',
        accountId: '',
        offerId: '',
        coupon: '', 
        postbackType: '', // 'iframe' or 'pixel'
        isGlobalPixel: false, // true or false
        allowMultiConversion: false, // true or false
        conversionData: {
            event: '', // Event Name (Please specify the event)
            payout: '', // Payout Amount (Please specify the payout amount)
            sale: '', // Sale Amount (Please specify the sale amount)
            currency: '',
            adv_sub1: '',
            adv_sub2: '',
            adv_sub3: '',
            adv_sub4: '',
            adv_sub5: '',

You can collect conversion data using various Offer18 Postback Parameters and WooCommerce data attributes.

Offer18 Postback Parameter

WooCommerce Parameter





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