To start the integration process one needs to fill out the Singular Partners Request form

One can add Attribution Details using form given below


Supported Macros

Offer18 Macro Name

Macro Identifier


Click ID


Platform unique Click ID macro

Affiliate ID / Publisher ID


Pass Affiliate ID in Attribution URL

Sub Affiliate ID


Pass Sub-Affiliate ID in Attribution URL

Campaign ID


Pass OfferID in Attribution URL (required for iOS)

Campaign Name


Pass Campaign Name in Attribution URL

Google Advertising ID


Pass Google Advertising ID in Attribution URL

iOS Advertising ID


Pass iOS advertising ID in case of IOS Campaigns in Attribution URL

Device ID


Pass Unique Device id in Attribution URL

Android ID


Pass Android ID in Attribution URL

Supported Postbacks

Install Postback{clickid}

Event Postback{partner_event_identifier}&tid={clickid}&payout={revenue_amount}

Complete tutorial - Singular Integration

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