Offer - Capping Rules

1. Go to Offers » Offer-Approved

2. Click on the Offer name to enter in its configuration » Capping Tab.

3. Go to Create Capping Rule

Fields in Capping rule



Rule Name

Capping rule name

Rule Type

  • Advertiser Capping

  • Affiliate Capping

Capping type

  • Gross Conversions (Advertiser)

  • Approved Conversions

  • Gross Revenue

  • Approved Revenue

  • Gross Payout

  • Approved Payout

  • Gross Clicks (Advertiser)

  • Approved Clicks


  • Hourly

  • Daily

  • Weekly

  • Monthly

Capping Value

Value of Capping rule In the case of Clicks & Conversions, one needs to add the count of Clicks & Conversions. In the case of Gross Revenue, Approved Revenue, Gross Payout, and Approved Payout one needs to add the amount

Over Capping Action

  • Pending Conversions

  • Accept Conversions

  • Reject Conversions

  • Stop Offer

  • Enable Fallback

  • Enable Fallback + Approved Conversions

Capping Timezone

Timezone in which the Capping rule will work


By adding Events in this field Event Capping can be used

Affiliate Visibility

Capping rule will be hidden or shown in Affiliate Dashboard with this

Enable rule

Capping rule can be enable / disable from here

Notification Email

This email will be used to send an Alert to the Partner on triggering the Capping rule

Over Capping Action

  • Pending Conversions - Once Capping reaches its limit. Excess conversions will be recorded as Pending status.

  • Accept Conversions - Conversions will be recorded with Approved status even after Capping hits its limit.

  • Reject Conversions - Conversions after the Capping limit is over will be recorded as rejected status.

  • Stop Offer - Stop Offer Action, will pause the Offer once its Capping hits the defined limit.

  • Enable Fallback - This Action enables the Fallback feature to work after the offer Capping limit is over, and the traffic will be diverted to the Fallback offer or Fallback URL. (Fallback)

  • Enable Fallback + Approve Conversions - This action will redirect traffic to Fallback and If the Advertiser is sending Postback after limit reached then those Conversions will be recorded as approved status.

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