TikTok Event API

With the TikTok event API, you can easily send conversion data, helping track ad performance on TikTok and optimize ad delivery, especially when third-party cookies are blocked.

To use the TikTok Event API, you need: a Pixel ID and an Access Token

Get necessary data from TikTok Ads Manager

Pixel ID

  1. Tools » Event

  2. Go to Manage for Web Events

  3. Enter Pixel name » Select "Events API" as a Connection Method » Next

  1. Select "Manually Set Up Events API" in Installation Type » Next

  1. Make sure you're in Ads Manager » Assets » Settings

  1. Pixel ID will appear after "ID:" » Copy this Pixel ID

For Access Token

  1. Event Manager » Settings

  2. Go to "Generate Access Token" under Events API Section

Placement of Pixel ID and an access token in Affiliate dashboard

  1. Login to Affiliate dashboard » open respective Offer

  2. Go to Postback section

  3. Select TikTok in Type

  4. Place Pixel ID and Access token

  5. Select Event

  6. Define TikTok Event

  • For TikTok Click ID use {aff_click_id}

  • For other values use additional parameters from {aff_sub1} to {aff_sub5}

  1. Go to Submit

To use existing Pixel ID and Access Token, click on Use Existing then select Pixel ID from drop-down.

Make sure to use the same parameters in affiliate tracking link to receive the values from TikTok.

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