Google Ads Integration

Create Campaign

1. Sign in to Google Ads Account

2. Click on "+ NEW CAMPAIGN" to create a new campaign.

3. Select Campaign Objective Like - Sales, Leads, Website traffic, etc.

4. Define Campaign Name, Targeting, and budget

5. Define ad groups and keywords

6. Create ads » Ad URL Options

7. Place Affiliate Tracking URL in "Tracking Template"

Sample Affiliate Tracking URL{gclid}

8. Add URL Suffix (If any)

9. Go to "Save ad"

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Postback Setup

Create Conversion Event in Google Ads

  • Tools & Settings.

  • Select Conversions under Measurement.

  • Click on the "+" sign to add a new conversion.

  • Select Website from the options available.

  • Select Category and enter Conversion Name.

  • Enter the rest of the details and Submit.

Select "Install the tag yourself" from the available options.

  1. Collect the global site tag from the "Global site tag" field.

  2. Collect the event-specific tag from the "Event Snippet" field.

Add Postback in Offer18

  • Login to the Affiliate Dashboard

  • Offers » My Offers(Approved)

  • Click on the Offer name to enter its configuration.

  • Scroll Down to Postback Section

  • Select an event from Event Drop-down.

  • Select "HTML Tag/iframe" the from Type Drop-down.

  • Place the Global site tag and event snippet inside the Postback field

  • Click on Add button

Postback Results

Results can take up to 3 hours - 24 hours to reflect in Google Ads.

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