Smart Offer

Create Smart Offer

The "Smart Offer" is a way of promoting multiple Offers with multiple configurations by using one single URL. Multiple configuration settings can include multiple Targeting options, Security rules implemented, Capping-wise distribution, etc.

  1. Offer » Smart Offer

  2. Click on Create Smart Offer

Minimum limit - 2 Offers Maximum limit - 50 Offers



Target Geo

Geo Targeting of Smart Offer Campaign

Child Offers

Child Offers to be added in Smart Offer


  • Random

  • OfferID (Asc)

  • OfferID (Desc)

  • Payout (Aff)

  • Revenue (Adv)

  • Profit

  • High CR

  • Weighted


  • Assign Affiliates - To assign Affiliates to the Smart Offer

  • Get Tracking URL - To get the Tracking URL for assigned Affiliates

  • Report - To get access to the Report on the Smart Offer


  • Random: System will randomly will prioritize the Offers.

  • OfferID (Asc): Offers will be prioritized in ascending order of child Offer ID's.

  • OfferID (Desc): Offers will run in descending order of child Offer ID's.

  • Payout(Aff): Offer to have a higher Payout will be prioritized.

  • Revenue (Adv): Offers to have higher revenue from an Advertiser will be prioritized.

  • Profit: Offer to have a higher profit value will be prioritized.

  • High CR: Offer which has CR higher will be prioritized.

  • Weighted: Offer to have a higher weighted value will be prioritized.

Manage Smart Offer

Click on the Offer name to manage Smart Offer

Delete Smart Offer

To delete Smart Offer go to Options » Remove

Video Tutorial - Smart Offer Creation

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