Offer - General

1. Go to Offers » Offer - Approved

2. Click on Offer name / ID to enter into its configurations panel.

Offer Fields



Offer Name

Name of the Campaign


Advertiser of the Offer

Offer Category

Type of the Offer created

App ID

ID of the Application

External Offer ID

If Offer is added Externally it automatically adds the Advertiser's Offer ID in the External Offer ID field. It can also be added manually

Offer Preview URL

Preview URL of the Offer

Offer URL

URL shared by Advertiser to promote

Landing Page

To promote different URLs related same Offer, the Landing page can be used . Users can manually add landing pages or simply Import Landing Pages.

Advertiser Pricing (Revenue)

Model and Price of the Revenue

Affiliate Pricing


Model and Amount of Payout


Currency of the Offer

Hide Payout

Enabling this will hide Affiliate's Payout


Start date and end date of Campaign

Daily Start/Stop

Feature helps users to promote the Campaigns in defined hours only

Offer Visibility

  • Public - Offer will be visible to all Affiliates. Affiliates can apply & Offer will be automatically Approved

  • Public + Require Approval - Offer will be visible to all the Affiliates. Affiliates have to wait for the admin's approval after applying for a Offer

  • Private - Only those Affiliates who are granted access to Offer by Admin will be able to view and promote Offers


  • Approve - Affiliate Partners can access and send traffic on it.

  • Pending - The Offers cannot be viewed by the Affiliate Partners

  • Ended - Offers that pass the expiry date

Alert to Affiliates

Enable to send alerts about changes in Affiliate Payout and Offer status

Deep Link

Enable to use Deeplinks in the Offer


  • Offer Description - Description of the Offer

  • Private Note - Internal private notes

  • Offer Terms / KPI - Key performance indicators for Affiliate

URL Suggestion by Advertiser URL Builder

After placing a link inside the 'Offer URL' or 'Landing Page' field, the Advertiser URL Builder will automatically detect the partner platform and create a suggestion URL containing important parameters of the platform. This URL suggestion can be used as an offer URL or Landing Page URL.

Know more about Advertiser URL Builder

pageAdvertiser URL Builder

Import Landing Pages

Users can manually add landing pages or import them via CSV. To add landing pages, users need to follow the steps outlined below.

  1. Go to "Offer General."

  2. Expand the landing page section.

  3. Choose a CSV file from your device.

Important fields in the CSV to import Landing Pages

  1. Name

  2. Page_Type (landing, pre landing)

  3. Landing_Page

  4. AffiliateSelectType (allow, block)

Download the Landing Page Import template file from here.

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