Create CPS offer

1. Go to Offers » Create Offer

2. Collecting Basic Details

Fill in all the basic details in Offer General Tab.

FOR CPS Campaign models




Advertiser Pricing (Revenue)


Add Commission percentage of total sale amount

Affiliate Pricing (Payout)


Payout percentage for affiliates

Calculation of CPS% is based on total sale amount sent by the Advertiser in Postback under Postback parameter &sale=

3. Submit to save configurations

Get Postback for CPS Offer

Click on Shortcuts » Postback

If the &sale= parameter is not configured in Postback then calculations of revenue and cost will not be accurate.

Calculation of CPS %

Let's understand the Calculation in CPS Offer with an example

Case : Suppose the sale received of 100 USD. Your commission is 70% and Affiliate payout is 30%.

Calculation : In this case, the calculation will be based on the 100 USD sale amount, provided by the advertiser in the postback.

  1. Revenue : 70% of the 100 USD (sale amount) = 70 USD

  2. Payout : 30% of the 100 USD (sale amount) = 30 USD

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