Offer - Events

  1. Go to Offers » Offer-Approved

  2. Click on the Offer name to enter in its configuration » Events / Payout tier Tab.

Create an Event in Offer



Event Name

Select Event from available options

(Create new Event)

In order to define Advertiser price and Affiliate price for the event user must have to Create Event Specific Payout Rule

Events / Goals




Name of the Event defined while creating


Token of Event defined while creating and assigning Event

Multi Conv.

To receive multiple Conversions on the same Event based on ClickID

Multi Conv. (IP)

To receive multiple Conversions on the same Event based on IP address


Auto-approved or status pending of the Conversion can be decided here

Conversion Settings

Conversion Waiting Time

Once a click gets redirected to the Offer URL of an Advertiser after then for how long the system should wait for its Postback, Click ID from this redirection will expire after the defined conversion waiting time.

Multi Conversion

Conversion is being recorded multiple times for the same TID value. Multiple Conversions could be enabled or disabled.

  1. Allowing / Blocking Multiple Conversions doesn't allow or block multiple conversions on the Advertiser end.

  2. Allowing / Blocking Multiple Conversion works separately for each event.

Conversion Approval

Conversion approval could be set as automatic or manually. If manually selected Conversions will be recorded as pending Conversion.

Multi Conversion (IP Based)

Multi Conversion (IP BASED) detects the multiple Conversion values having the same TID as well as the same Click IP adds.

Whitelist Postback Server IP

Server IPs can be whitelisted here, Conversion from IP which is not whitelisted will not be recorded.

Display Default Postback Event (Affiliate)

While having multiple Events in the Offer, users can decide which Event's Payout should be shown in their Affiliate dashboard.

Event Mismatch Action

If the user is receiving Event's Postback but the Event value in Postback is not matched the Event token assigned to the Offer. In such cases, Conversions can be recorded as an initial or discarded from the Platform.

Create Event Specific Payout Rule

Go to "Payout Rules" Section

Add Payout Rule

  1. Opt for the Revenue model and input the corresponding revenue amount.

  2. Opt for the Payout model and input the corresponding Payout amount.

  3. Select the Currency.

  4. Pick "is_equal" condition from the dropdown next to "Event."

  5. In the second dropdown under "Event," choose the event that was assigned within the Offer.

  6. Proceed to Submit.

Create New Event

To create a new Event

Go to Shortcuts » Offer Events



Event Token

The token to be used in the Event Postback URL and will be shown in Affiliate Dashboard


Event Name

Name of the Event

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