Link Tester

Link Tester is to validate the campaign's redirection based on Geo & Devices and prevent traffic from wasting over broken / non-converting links. Identify the common partner networks which are involved in redirection chains.

  1. Click on Test Now

  2. Place Test URL in the "URL" field

  3. Select OS / Device and Country as per Targeting

  4. Start Test

Test Rules

Tools » Link Tester » Create Rule

Define Rule Name

Test URL

One can define test rules for Advertiser, Offers, Custom URL




Rule will be implemented on Live offers of selected Offer


Rule will be implemented on added Offer IDs

Custom URL

Rule will be implemented on the added custom link

Schedule & Targeting

Schedule and Targeting can be customized from this section




Rule can be Active / Stop from here


Rule will be Run as per the scheduled time


Targeted Browser can be selected here

Test Country

Targeted country can be selected here

Health Checks

Conditions can be added for link redirection health.



Health Check Thershold

Number of consecutive successful health checks required before considering an unhealthy target healthy.

Allowed Redirections

Number of allowed redirections for the health check.

Resale Detections

If Test URL repeats in the redirection chain It can be blocked from here


Validations can be added here for a health check



Advertiser AppID / DomainD

One can specify destination AppID / Domain of redirection chain here

AppID Match

One must have to enable this if AppID is added to Options

Allowed Link HTTP Status (200,302)

One can specify the allowed link HTTP status of the redirection chain here

Stop Offer

If Rule is unhealthy the Offer can be stopped by enabling this

Minimum 1 Redirect

Limit for minimum 1 redirection can be enabled from here

Test Results

All the result logs regarding the Test Rule will be visible in this section




Time when the Test Rule is executed


Offer ID of the Offer Added in Test Rule

Custom/Offer URL

URL which is used for Test Rule can be custom or Offer URL


Country Targeting used for Test Rule

Rule Health

Status of the Test Rule can be Healthy / Unhealthy

Link Jumps

Number of redirects to reach Test URL to Destination URL

HTTP Status

Status code of the URL after the Test Rule performed

Final URL

Destination URL in a chain of redirects

Offer Stop

Offer Status will be visible here if the Offer is stopped

Test Status

Status of the Test Rule

Change Logs

All the logs regarding variations in Test Rule are visible here




Time when variation is held in Test Rule


Offer ID in which the variation took place


Health status after the variation

Rule Broken x Times

Number of times when the Test Rule status changes

Healthy Check Threshold

Number of rechecks after variation took place in Test Rule


If any action is performed due to the variation will be added here

Video Tutorial - Link Tester and How to use it

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