Probabilistic Attribution

With the iOS 14 update, Apple has introduced new privacy features that aim to protect users' personal information, making it increasingly difficult for advertisers to accurately monitor user behavior and attribute conversions.

However, by using probabilistic attribution for a long chain of redirects, we can still accurately measure the effectiveness of our campaigns while maintaining compliance with Apple's policies. To implement this solution, we recommend adding an affiliate privacy postback in Offer18, which will allow us to push conversion data back to you without compromising user privacy.​

Click Flow in Probabilistic Attribution (Example)

Conversion Flow in Probabilistic Attribution (Example)

Implementation for the Advertiser

Create an offer using the tracking link provided by the advertiser. Confirm with the advertiser on the parameter for receiving offer ID and affiliate ID. Add {offerid},{aff_id}|{aff_sub7} against the parameter provided by the advertiser.

Advertiser will pass your Offer ID, Affiliate ID and sub source data in &adv_sub7 parameter in the Postback


Macro to pass the Offer ID


Macro to pass the Affiliate ID​


Macro to pass Affiliate data

Implementation for the Affiliate

Recive offer ID and affiliate ID in &aff_sub7 parameter from the affiliate in affiliate tracking link.

Tracking Link{offerid},{aff_id}|{aff_sub7}

Affiliate Privacy Postback

Add {adv_sub7} in postback against the parameter provided by the affiliate.

Privacy Postback{adv_sub7}

In above example {adv_sub7} is the token which is being used to pass offer ID, affiliate ID to affiliate.

To save privacy Postback User must follow the steps given below

  • Go to Affiliates » Affiliates Postback

  • Click on Add Global Postback / Add Offer Postback

  • Select "Privacy Postback" from "Integration Type"

  • Add Postback URL in "Postback URL"

  • Go to "+ Add Postback"

Additional Values from Advertiser

Offer18 Admin can receive the additional values given below from your advertiser in privacy postback​​​

  • p_country

  • p_timestamp

  • p_postbackid

  • p_package

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