Tracking Settings

1. Go to Account » Settings

2. Go to Tracking Tab

Tracking Settings



Tracking Domain

Default Tracking domain

Custom Tracking Domain

User will get a CNAME value to host in his hosting account for the custom Tracking domain

Default Tracking Domain

Default Tracking Domain for the Affiliate Tracking URL and Advertiser Postback

Conversions out of Allowed Countries

To Allow / Pending / Reject Conversions out of allowed Countries in the Offer

Global Fallback URL

To divert blocked/rejected traffic to one Global URL Fallback must be enabled in the Offer.

IP Source

To pass Server-side Clicks

Geo-Tracking Options

To apply default Geo-Targeting

Tracking : Click IPv4 Range Filter

To allow/block a particular range of IPv4 for Clicks

Default Unique ID

Universal set up to detect the Unique Click

Test Affiliate

Test Affiliate account for the Advertiser Postback testing

Test IP

Whitelist IP To bypass the Targeting for Testing

Data Masking GDPR

Enabling this will hide user's personal & sensitive data

Click Signing

Validation of Clicks in AppsFlyer (MMP)

3. Submit to save changes.

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