Custom - Permissions

  1. Go to Accounts » Employees

  2. Go to Manager's profile from Manage Button

  3. Scroll down to the Permissions ection

Account permissions

Using toggle buttons, a user may enable or deactivate employee account access for the Account. Account permissions are explained further below.


Access Details

Account Profile

Administrator's Company profile


Administrator's billing profile/plans in Offer18

Change Logs

History logs of actions performed by anyone on the Platform

Employee management

Management of other Employees

Global settings

Global settings that include the Platform's default configuration

Advertisers permissions

A user can allow or disable employee account access to the Advertiser section by using toggle controls. Advertiser permissions are discussed in further detail below.


Access details

Advertiser Billing

Viewing or creating invoices of Advertiser's Partners

Advertiser Postback Logs

Viewing logs of each Postback triggered by the assigned Advertiser's Platform

Advertiser Profile

Viewing details fields in the profile of Advertisers assigned to specific Managers

Affiliate permissions

Using toggle buttons, a user may enable or deny employee account access to the Affiliate area. Affiliate permissions are explained in further detail further below.


Access Details


Creating Affiliates or viewing Affiliates if assigned

Affiliate Billing

Viewing or creating invoices of Affiliate partners

Affiliate Postback Logs

Viewing detailed fields in Postback triggered for Affiliates

Affiliate Postback Placement

Adding / managing Postback of Affiliates

Affiliate Postback Test

Performing testing of Postback placed in Affiliate account by their Manager

Affiliate Profile

Viewing detail fields in profiles of Affiliates assigned to specific Managers


Sending emails / alerts notifications to Affiliates


Assigning Offers to Affiliates


Managing Referral program for Affiliates

Offers permissions

This area can be used to provide an employee permissions related to Offers. Below is an explanation of Offers Permissions.


Access Details


Assigning Affiliates to the Offers

Affiliate Approve

Offers approve / reject requests page.


Displaying the Capping


Displaying and uploading Creatives

Events / Payout tier

Management of Conversions approval and Events section in Offers

Fallback / Integration

Enabling/disabling Fallback and Impression link setup


Displaying and managing basic details of Offers

Global Settings

Displaying and creating Global Categories and Events for all Offers

Offer Access

Deleting Offers or editing Offers

Offer List

Display fields in the Offer list


Displaying the Security tab

Smart Offer

Creating and assigning Affiliates in Smart Offer


Displaying Targeting details

Test URL

Advertiser Test URL

Report Permissions

An employee's report related permissions could be granted in this area. Report Permissions are explained in the section below.


Access Details

Capping Logs

Viewing logs related to Capping rules

Conversion Logs

Viewing conversion logs


Viewing Report fields

Tools Permissions

In this area, an employee's Tools permissions could be provided. The section that follows explains Tool Permissions.


Access Details

Advertiser API

Offer Sync and Offer Sync's logs


Automation and Automation's logs

Conversion Logs

Fraud Detection Data in conversion logs

Fraud Detection

Fraud detection tools like 24Metrics, FraudScore, etc

Fraud Fender

Fraud Fender traffic monitoring tool


Importing data of Offers, Advertisers, Affiliates and Conversions

Link Tester

Link Tester


Mailer and logs

Write Access


Access Details

Write Access

Enabling this will allow Employee to make change / update in the fields.

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