Coupon tracking in Offer18 enables you to monitor how effective your coupon codes are across different marketing efforts. You can allocate various types of codes to different offers, allowing you to track code usage and identify which offers generate the most conversions.

Create Coupon

In order to configure coupon for Affiliate and Offer one must follow these steps

  1. Go to Offers » Coupons

  2. Go to "+ Create Coupon"

Field name


Coupon code

Place the coupon value/promo code here received from the advertiser.

Offer ID

Select offer ID

Start date

Set the start date for coupon’s working

End date

Set the end date for coupon’s validity


Allow / Block affiliates for the coupon


Assign coupon quota


Status of Coupon (Approved, Pending, Rejected, Hold)


Add description related to coupon

One needs to add &coupon={coupon_value} parameter in postback. It is required to receive coupon value in respective postback.{REPLACE}&coupon={coupon_value}

Coupon Reports

  1. Go to Offers » Coupons

  2. Go to "Coupon Reports"

You can view logs related to a specific coupon code, Offer ID, and Coupon Status here.

Coupon Import

  1. Go to Offers » Coupons

  2. Go to "Import Coupons"

The coupon information will be shown in a table format as soon as the file is uploaded

Required field information to be mapped with CSV:

  • Offer ID

  • Coupon Code

  • Quota

  • Start Date (YYYY-MM-DD)

  • End Date (YYYY-MM-DD)

  • Status (coupon rule status)

  • Affiliate (IDs only to Allow)

  • Description

  1. Exclude the first row of the table » submit

Example File

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