Offer - Fallback / JS Integration

1. Go to Offers » Offer-Approved

2. Click on the Offer name to enter in its configuration » Fallback / Integration Tab.

3. Select the postback integration type that aligns with how you are integrating with your advertiser for the offer. With this, you can ensure that your tracking is accurate by preventing false postback triggers.

Fallback in Offer

Fallback helps to redirect the unutilized traffic of the particular campaign which could not be utilized due to various reasons. Fallback is the best way to optimize a campaign's performance and utilize the wasted traffic.

  • Out of target clicks

  • Blocked clicks

  • Restricted traffic



Enable Fallback

Enable / Disable the state of Fallback

Fallback URL

Custom URL on which user wants to divert the traffic

Fallback Offer

Select already created an Offer on which the user wants to divert traffic

Fallback Offer Reports -


Enabling this will show Fallback Offer Reports to Affiliate

HTML / Javascript Tag Integration

In the Fallback / Integration tab, the user has to place the complete code given by the Advertiser in the field - HTML / Javascript Code.


Place Impression URL in the "URL to Replace / Impressions Redirect" field later Impression Tracking URL can be collected.

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