Facebook Conversion API

With the Facebook Conversion API, you can easily send conversion data straight to Facebook. This helps you track how well your ads are doing and make them work better, all without needing third-party cookies.

To use the Facebook Conversions API, you need: a Dataset ID and an Access Token.

Get necessary data from Facebook business account

Dataset ID

  1. All Tools » Event Manager » Data sources

  2. Select created data source ID/name » Settings

  3. Copy Dataset ID

For Access Token

  1. Scroll down on the same page » Move to Conversion API section

  2. Go to Generate Access Token (under Set up direct integration) » Copy Access Token

Placement of dataset ID and an access token in Affiliate dashboard

  1. Login to Affiliate dashboard » open respective Offer

  2. Go to Postback section

  1. Select Facebook in Type

  2. Place Dataset ID and Access token

  3. Select Event

  4. Define Facebook Event

  5. Facebook User data (Two values are mandatory to pass in Facebook User Data)

  • For facebook Click ID use {aff_click_id}

  • For other values use additional parameters from {aff_sub1} to {aff_sub5}

  1. Go to Submit

To use existing Dataset ID and Access Token, click on Use Existing then select Dataset ID from drop-down.

Make sure to use the same parameters in affiliate tracking link to receive the values from Facebook.

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