Offer18 - Zapier - Google Ads

For Offer18, the integration between Offer18 and Google Ads plays a crucial role in tracking conversions. While it's relatively straightforward to receive conversion data on Offer18 from Google Ads, the process of sending conversions back to Google Ads often involves manual steps.

To automate this bidirectional flow of conversion data, you can leverage Zapier as an intermediary tool. Zapier extends the capabilities of Offer18's integration with Google Ads, enabling the automatic transmission of conversion data. This automation not only streamlines your workflow but also ensures a seamless exchange of critical information between Offer18 and Google Ads, enhancing the efficiency of your marketing efforts.

Integration Flow

  1. Google Click ID must be sent to Offer18. This is essential to provide Google Ads with conversion data based on click ID.

  2. Next, you configure offline conversion actions in Google Ads so that conversions based on Google click ID are later imported automatically. This configuration enables Zapier to be connected to Google Ads.

  3. On Offer18, the Zapier webhook is used as an affiliate postback. This allows the transfer of Offer18 conversions to Zapier. You also configure Google Ads to get offline conversions.

  4. The Zapier webhook launches after receiving a postback to Offer18, and Google Ads receives the conversion data.

Google Ads settings

  1. Get Affiliate tracking URL from Offer18

  2. Place Affiliate Tracking URL in "Tracking Template" (In Google Ads Campaign)

Pass {gclid} via aff_click_id parameter. (Pass Google click ID to Offer18)

Set up offline conversions

  1. Tools and Settings » Conversions

  1. Click "New conversion action"

  2. Select "Import" » "Other data sources or CRMs" » "Track conversions from clicks"

  1. Choose alternative options according to your objectives for tracking

  1. From "Import offline conversions" select "API"

Zapier settings

In order to use automation in Zapier, one needs premium subscription.

Connect Zapier to Offer18

  1. Go to Zapier account » "Create Zap"

  2. "Webhooks by Zapier" » "Event" » Select "Catch Hook"

  1. Copy "Your webhook URL"

  1. In Offer18 add the webhook URL as Postback URL along with gclid and timestamp parameters

Example Postback URL{aff_click_id}&timestamp={timestamp}
  1. Test trigger

Connect Zapier to Google Ads

  1. Select "Delay For" event in "Delay by Zapier" App

  1. In Action add 24 as Value and Hours as Unit. (Google Ads mandates a 24-hour waiting period for offline conversion data.)

  2. Select "Google Ads" App » Select "Send offline conversion"

  1. Connect your Google Ads account.

  2. Set up and test action.

You can now monitor conversions from Offer18 in your Google Ads statistics.

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