Conversion Logs

In Conversion Report, one can select from a large number of data fields to display and narrow down your results using filters. user can also adjust the data filters and select a time frame to fetch data from Conversion logs.

Conversion's status can be modified in Conversion logs.

  1. Go to Report » Conversion Logs

Filtration in Conversion Logs

One can select templates of Conversion logs, available templates are

  1. Offer-wise Conversion Logs

  2. Affiliate-wise Conversion Logs

  3. Status-wise Conversion Logs

  4. Event-wise Conversion Logs

Modifying the Conversion's Status in Conversion Logs

To Modify Single / Multiple Conversions,

  1. Simply use the checkbox ☑️ on the list of each Conversion, row to select that specific Conversion user wants to update.

  2. Click on the "Action" button.

  3. Select "Approve / Reject" Conversion.

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