What are different status in Advertiser Postback logs?

List of all Postback log messages that can be viewed in Advertiser Postback logs.

Status: Conversion Recorded.

When a Postback URL triggered is accurately by the Advertiser Platform and Conversion is recorded successfully.

invalid transaction {tid}

When a Postback URL triggered is successfully but due to an Invalid Click ID or not having a Click ID in the Tracking URL. Reasons

  1. Not having Click ID in Tracking URL of the Campaign

  2. Instead of Click ID, another Token / Macro is used in Tracking URL

  3. Click ID is not provided by Advertiser

  4. In the case of the pixel, Postback Domain is different from Click Tracking Domain

auth_token mismatch

When enabled the Postback token for Advertiser and Postback is fired without auth token or with a different auth_token

Cleared due to Multi Conversion

When the Postback is fired multiple times for the same Click ID

Cleared due to click expiry

When the Postback is fired for the expired Click ID. (By default Click life-span is 30 days)

cleared: event not found

When the event token is a mismatch as per the Offer configuration and selects the discard Conversions then this response will reflect

IP not in Whitelist

When Postback is not fired from the whitelisted Postback IP address.

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