Advertiser URL Builder

A tool that allow users to add Offer parameters and macros to the Offer URLs in order to test, track, and examine the effectiveness of Offer18 Campaigns.

By adding the parameters to the Offer URL one can send information about the source, performance, and uniqueness of incoming traffic.

For example: With a single traffic source, Campaign might be generating lots of revenue, but if user is running with multiple sources, user and his Advertiser would want to know which of them is sending quality traffic that generates the most revenue.

When a user clicks an Affiliate Tracking Link, the parameters added by user are recorded at both the Affiliate and Advertiser end.

1. Click on Shortcuts » Advertiser URL Builder

2. Select the Partner Platform

One need to select a Platform that his Advertiser is using below is the list of pre-listed Platforms

3. Paste your Offer URL under "Advertiser / Offer URL".


  • While creating the Campaign it gets easier for users to place and get Tracking URLs immediately.

  • Campaign links are a combination of various information such as URL address followed by a question mark (?), and then campaign variables will be separated by ampersands(&),

For example
  • The URL Builder has more than ready to go configuration consisting of 18 Partners with their most common fields.

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