Cookieless Tracking

Get started

To start tracking with Offer18's web SDK, add the below script tag in all the landing pages of the website.

Placement : Header (All Pages)

<script src=""></script>

Track Conversions without using cookies

In order to track conversions without cookies, follow the instructions given below.

1. Offer Setup

For Cookieless tracking, it is mandatory to include click ID parameter and token in the Offer URL and also for all the landing pages while creating offer in Offer18 dashboard.


Like this example link user must replace <YOUR-CLICK-ID-PARAMETER> with the clickid parameter of their choice.

2. Code Placement

Users must add the following code snippet into all landing pages except Order confirmation / Order Success (Thank you) after creating an offer.

Placement : Header (All Pages)


User must replace <YOUR-CLICK-ID-PARAMETER> with the clickid parameter used when creating the offer.

After adding the script user needs to add the following script in thankyou / order-confirmation page

Placement : Thank you Page/Order Success Page (One Page)

        domain: '',
        accountId: '',
        offerId: '',
        coupon: '', 
        postbackType: '', // 'iframe' or 'pixel'
        isGlobalPixel: false, // true or false
        allowMultiConversion: false, // true or false
        conversionData: {
            event: '', // Event Name (Please specify the event)
            payout: '', // Payout Amount (Please specify the payout amount)
            sale: '', // Sale Amount (Please specify the sale amount)
            currency: '',
            adv_sub1: '',
            adv_sub2: '',
            adv_sub3: '',
            adv_sub4: '',
            adv_sub5: '',
  1. domain (Mandatory) : Postback domain of the user.

  2. accountId (Mandatory) : Offer18 account id of the user.

  3. offerId (Mandatory) : Id of the campaign.

  4. coupon : Coupon code can be used here

  5. postbackType : It can be either 'iframe' or 'pixel', default value is 'iframe'.

  6. isGlobalPixel : User can configure global pixel by setting this true , default value is false.

  7. allowMultiConversion : User can allow MultiConversion by setting this true , default value is false.

  8. conversionData : This object contains the parameters which can be used to get values from network.

Example code

        domain: '',
        accountId: '0000',
        offerId: '00000000',

Debug Mode

To enable debug mode in an SDK, add the following code inside your script:


Enabling debug mode allows user to get more detailed information about the working of the SDK, including any errors or debugging messages.

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