Affiliate Referrals

Affiliate referral program in Offer18 helps users to provide incentives/referral commission to their affiliate, on referring other affiliates on their network.

An affiliate can refer to his friend, relative, colleague, or a loved one and get the benefits of referring from his admin. The admin has the authority to define all the terms and conditions related to the referral commission.

Admin can set the referral commission in the form of percentage or fixed amount (flat).

Enable Affiliate referral program

  1. Go to Account » Settings » Affiliate

  2. Enable "Referral Commission"

  3. Select "Flat (USD) / month" for fixed amount or "Percentage" for the percentage based referral commission.

  4. Enter "Days" and "Value"

  5. Add "Referral Terms"

  6. Submit

Manage Referrals

Go to Affiliates » Affiliate Referral

One can check all reports and details regarding referred Affiliates

Commission(Bonus) details can be updated here (Affiliate wise)

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