Initial steps before launch
Click Signing Appsflyer
The feature provides ability to sign every single click sent to AppsFlyer from Offer18. It enables an anti-fraud layer which prevents a network partner from sending fraud traffic to their advertiser.
The requirement of such a tool arose in the situation when a particular networks’ traffic gets blocked from Appsflyer on being detected as fraudulent traffic. And that too, without the knowledge of the user. This hinders the work to be carried out.
A tool with the capacity to prevent the fraudulent traffic to be delivered to the advertiser has been recently introduced where the detection of it being fraudulent will be done on the early stage and the user can prevent his traffic to be blocked from the Appsflyer’s end.
How it works is: a unique secret code with a expiry period is attached to a click and sent via the Appsflyer's attribution URL. If the token is expired or Invalid, AppsFlyer will define such clicks as fraud traffic. The blocking of traffic can happen. You can learn more about this feature here - (AppsFlyer)

How to Enable Click Signing?

Step-1: Enable Click SIgning in Offer18
  • Go to Account
  • Click On Tracking button
  • Scroll down and enable Click Signing
Offer18 also provides you option to set the click verfication on multiple appsflyer advertiser from single place.
Offer18 - Appsflyer Click Signing
Appsflyer Access Key :
Clients will get this value from their appsflyer partner account.
Login into your appsflyer account
Go to Settings -> API Tokens
Copy your API token and Place it here.
Benefit - The foremost benefit to be served by this tool will be that not even a single click will redirect without validation. The network whose traffic is redirecting, will be able to configure at his end which traffic is fraudulent. At the end of the network, it being blocked on passing fraudulent traffic will be prevented rather only the traffic will be blocked on failing to validate the token or on token being expired.
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